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Bulgarian girls garner little attention in the international dating scene.

Overshadowed by their Slavic neighbors, Bulgaria is not a top tourist destination or a marque country for men seeking long-term relationships.

Even within Balkan countries, Bulgarian women are overshadowed by Serbian and Romanian women.

In the spirit of frankness, Bulgarian in one of the last countries in Europe that we have visited and considered for travel adventure and international dating.

In this article, we will cover the factors that make Bulgarian women a strong consideration for a long-term relationship and why this nation deserves some consideration from men.

Characteristics of Bulgarian Women

Bulgarian girls will not blow you away like Russian or Ukrainian women.

They are also not as cute on average as Polish girls.

However, they will be attractive and feminine enough for most men. Their long dark hair and olive skin make them natural beautifies. Heels and shirts are less common than in Slavic countries.

Bulgarian girls tend to dress casually in jeans and flats. They don’t wear a lot of make-up.

Bulgarian girls have a natural beauty. In comparison with other cultures, they are most similar to Turkish, Greek and Romanian women.

Their natural beauty is complemented by their friendly personalities. Sofia receives far less tourism than the stag-party infested cities of Riga and Prague.

The lack of tourism is reflected in the airport which is more akin to a Soviet bus station.

Minimal tourism renders Bulgaria as an authentic place to experience the local culture. Foreigners are kindly received.

Bulgarian girls are friendly and curious about foreigners.

They easily engaged, as long as men are kind and respectful in turn.

Their genuine dispositions set them apart from women in countries that receive more western tourism.

Bulgaria like most of the Balkans is still a conservative country. One-night-stands are the exception in Bulgaria.

Men should moderate their expectations for sex. There are other travel destinations like Scandanavian countries for men seeking a hook-up culture.

Bulgarian women remain conservative and prefer committed relationships.

While Bulgarian girls are interested in foreigners, their first preference seems to be for Bulgarian men.

Foreign men who are in shape, dress well, and intelligent will be able to make headway with single women in Bulgaria.

However, it will not be a cake-walk just because they are American or European.

English levels are solid enough, so learning Bulgarian is not necessary. Bulgaria is in the European Union, so English levels in the younger generation are moderately high.

Bulgarian women value education and despite their modest salaries, they have a keen interest in advancing in the quality of life.

Dating in Sofia

The capital of Sofia has several attractive qualities for a long-term stay. Sofia is in the process of modernizing. Therefore, apartment rentals in the center are moderately priced for Europe.

Vitosha Boulevard is unquestionable the place to stay. The Boulevard is a pedestrian street lined with cool cafes and bars.

It is the center of social activity and nightlife in Sofia. Just a few blocks from this trendy area, the city descends in aesthetics through a harsh disparity in building, streets, and overall ambiance.

Hence, it is vital to select proper logistics in Bulgaria to afford you with modern amenities and to place you in close proximity to the best women in town.

The Boulevard is perfectly constructed to meet women during the day at coffee shops and stores and at night in the multitude of bars.

All of these factors make Bulgaria an interesting destination for men looking for long-term relationships abroad.

Bulgaria is not a large country. Sofia as a European capital feels tiny, especially since there are only a few select places that are conducive for meeting women.

Therefore, Sofia is not a great destination to date multiple women. However, it is a solid choice for men who are interested in long-term relationships.

Bulgarian women maintain traditional values and place marriage as a high priority. They do not come across as slutty at all. For these reasons, Sofia is a strong contender as a place to meet a high-quality woman.

Fast internet speed, good food and modest accommodation prices render Sofia as solid city for remote work.

However, it is important to consider the harsh winters. Winters in Sofia are cold, dark and depressing.

The mountains on the outskirts of Sofia provide a bit of a respite in nature from the grey city.

In summer months, locals travel to the Black Sea to destinations like Varna. Varna will seem more international than Sofia.

It attracts Bulgarians as well as holidayers from other eastern European countries. Burgas is another solid option to escape the capital.

Burgas in comparison is less international than Varna and attracts more locals.

Day game in Sofia

Women are generally friendly and open to being approached by interesting men in the day.

While street approaches on the Boulevard are possible, we found that malls were the best places to meet girls during the day.

In malls, women seem more relaxed and open to interactions than on the main pedestrian street. Cafe and coffee culture is alive and well in Sofia.

There are a multitude of options for posting up and meeting women casually and through indirect approaches.

Nightlife in Sofia

Bulgarians are gregarious and love to party.

As with most Balkan countries, Bulgarian women tend to go out in large groups, often accompanied by men.

As already covered, Sofia is not a destination for one-night-stands.

Therefore, nightlife can be viewed as an opportunity to meet women and set up a date at a later point.

It is best to use nightlife as a vehicle to expand your social circle as opposed to picking up. Fortunately, there is a better way to meet women.

Online Dating in Sofia

Tinder is not widely used as a dating platform. In our experience, International Cupid was the best dating app for Bulgarian women seeking relationships.

International cupid is easy to use, low cost and is specifically designed for Bulgarian women who are interested in meeting a foreigner for a long-term relationship.


Bulgaria is not a perfect destination. With the exception of a few select areas in Sofia, it is not modern enough to justify a long-term stay for the sake of a comfortable lifestyle.

However, it is worth a look for men who have flexibility in their work location and are seeking a long-term relationship with a traditional woman.

Bulgarian girls have natural beauty, pleasant personalities, and traditionalism that are ideally suitable for long-term partners.



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  1. On the basis of what quantitative ot/and qualitative research did you make these conclusions? You are not a spot-on but superficial and funny.
    The soviet bus station airport is an old port alive due to cheap carriers- Wizz and Ryan, among others, which don’t want to pay the huge air taxes of the official airport Terminal 2.
    O, there is one night stands but you guys, probably look negligent not hygienic drunk and bad-dressed and most importand- you don’t treat the women in a bar, and of course you cannot have one night stands. Not that the latter events are something to be proud of.

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