Russian girls are known to have unparalleled beauty, sophistication, and elegance. Their virtues make them the object of desire for men around the globe. There are various ways to meet Russian girls, including Nightclubs, Daygame, and Russian dating sites. There are various tips for dating Russian girls, but in this article, we will discuss some strategies that will enable you to attract  Russian girls.

Display strong body language

Russian girls respond to a strong masculine presence. They assume the submissive role and desire that her man will lead. Nothing signals dominance more to Russian women than maintaining strong body language. This includes sustaining strong eye contact. Shifty eye contact signals distraction and insecurity. Look Russian girls directly into their eyes and make them feel like you can see into their souls.

Perfect your looks

Online Russian dating sites are full of men wearing unfitted, shabby clothing. Russian girls have a keen fashion sense and are acutely aware of style. They will take strong notice of a well-dressed man who takes his appearance seriously. This will signal to Russian girls that you value yourself and you are a man who should be respected.

Take an interest in Russian culture

Russian girls are distinctly proud of their ancient heritage, culture, and language. While in Russia, visit some of the world-class museums, operas, and ballets. Immerse yourself in Russian culture. Read one or two books from classic Russian literature. The girls will be impressed that you know some of their classics. Learn to speak a little Russian. This will signal to her that you value and are interested in her culture. Connecting with her culture will open the door to a deeper connection with her.

Compliment her

Compliments go much further with Russian girls than they do with American girls. They appreciate being valued and having it expressed out loud. Do not focus too much on her looks when giving compliments. Generic compliments of “You are so beautiful” will not have much of an impact. Instead, make an observation about her hair, shoes or handbag or how they are perfect compliments to her look. Compliment her on nonphysical traits such as her appreciation for art, sense of humor and taste in music.attract russian girls


Give her small gifts

Russian girls love flowers and sweets as gifts. Small gifts will inform her of how much you care about her. Do not overdo it on buying expensive items such as jewelry. You do not want to give her the impression that you are attempting to buy her affection.

Proceed slowly with physical affection

Russian girls are emotional creatures, but they are also highly intelligent. They need to connect with men on an intellectual level as well as emotional. Physical affection should be reserved for after you have spent time getting to know her. After a few dates, you can slowly initiate physical affection. Too much psychical affection early on will signal to them that you are only after sex.

Do not discuss sex until she does

Russian girls are highly sexual, but discussing sex early on will turn them off. Express your interest in sex with her physically but only after enough time has gone by when she is giving you signals to initiate. You will be surprised that she will bring up the topic of sex if you are patient and demonstrate to her that it is not your only interest.

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Be genuine

Dating in the west teaches men that they have to pretend to be someone else. Russian girls will want to know the real you: your thoughts, aspirations, and goals for the future. Don’t be afraid to reveal yourself. This will help create a strong connection with her.

Lead her

Russian girls respect a man who is resourceful and can navigate life’s obstacles. Be sensitive to her wants, but always have a plan for where to go, what to do on dates.

Display confidence but don’t brag

Russian girls like a man who is confident in his abilities. Men who have achieved in life should not be shy about demonstrating their competencies. This could be in the areas of sports, martial arts, or mastery of playing the guitar. The specific area of competency does not matter, as much that you have life experience. This does not mean to brag about yourself or accomplishments. They do not appreciate bragging and it makes you seem like you are compensating for weaknesses.


Russian girls dazzle us with their elegance and exotic beauty. They tend to have very sophisticated tastes. Their affection is not easily won over. There are certain traits and actions that men can take to ensure that they are on the right path towards attracting them. Following these steps will help towards building attraction with Russian girls.

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Happy dating.

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