Lithuanian women

Continuing our coverage of dating in the Baltics, we take a closer look at Lithuanian women. Lithuania can leave certain first impressions depending on where you’re coming from. If you come from Russia, you may think the country’s like a village with similar to average girls. If you’re coming from Estonia or Poland, you’ll think the infrastructure is worse, with a strange Soviet smell still lingering, but with much hotter girls. If you’re a deprived Westerner you’ll think you’re in heaven.

While Lithuania doesn’t have as much modern infrastructure, it perfectly encapsulates the medieval Baltic vibe. I find charm in a place that tries not to eliminate nature in favor of concrete everywhere. There’s no shortage of historical buildings, especially of the medieval and castle variety. You’ll also find some modern downtown financial districts in Vilnius and Kaunas, as well as clean, modern airports. Like the rest of the Baltics, the small cities are best explored on foot, weaving through the old town cobbled streets.


Lithuanian Women: How They Look

Compared to the rest of the Baltics, Lithuanian girls are easily the hottest, and also the toughest to crack. They are the most traditional due both to their strong religious background and strong sense of community.

Lithuanian women are tall. Very tall. Girls are generally slender with very long hair and that stereotypical “Russian looking” face. Lithuanians can have mixes of looks with their Polish, Belarusian and Baltic cousins. So you’ll see a nice blend of Slavic meets Baltic. Dark hair and light eyes are very common. Some girls even have an olive skin tone to them. They are slim and in-shape. The McDonalds overload doesn’t seem to be having as much of an affect here as in other parts of Eastern Europe.

With that said, there is a big and growing hipster orientation with the youth. On the plus side, you’ll find lots of girls who speak English. On the other side, you’ll see they have been programmed to accept the Western programming in some ways, yet also resist it in others with their religious background. While tattoos and piercings aren’t widespread, weird fashion and hair seem to be a thing in Lithuania with some subset of girls. Upon conversing with them, you may notice they’re signaling just how strange they are. What you see is what you get with the hipsters.

Like the rest of the Baltics, you’ll feel a sort of east meets west tug of war, with the degenerating West seeming to be winning in terms of appearance. Thankfully, the eastern slimness remains firm despite hipster tendencies.

Lithuanian women


Lithuanian Woman – Their Personality

Lithuanian women are smart and generally extraverted. It’s a small country with a unique language and strong social cohesion. Religion and family are important. The notch hungry player starving for +9 9s may be asking for too much on a trip to Lithuania. The girls are friendly, and also savvy. They know you’re a foreigner, they know what you’re looking for. The question is: do your goals match hers?

You’ll find more western-oriented Lithuanians during nightlife where fast sex may be possible. Clubs will see lots of groups partying together, so it may not be the best bet for getting good approaches in, but you never know. There are lots of bars, and also lots of hipster bars. If you’re in town a short time, one of the western-minded fast-sex hipster girls would be your best bet. Quality is very much hit or miss in these places.

I’d say that fast sex with attractive girls is generally not on the cards. They’ll make you wait, throw monkey wrenches into the gears, and play elaborate mind games. In this regard, Lithuanians are much like their Russian or Ukrainian counterparts, maybe even more crafty. You’ll likely be looking at several dates, which may go nowhere, so pay attention to your screening and filtering on these dates.

I never felt that there was a scamming element in Lithuania compared to say, Latvia or Ukraine. Yet no matter which city you go to, you’ll be operating in a small town vibe, which means word gets out fast. Mix this with strong social cohesion and game can be difficult, but not impossible.

You can tell when a Lithuanian girl likes you when she responds promptly, isn’t overly difficult to get out and in general feels like she wants to continue the interaction. This doesn’t mean sex will come fast, but it does mean you’re on the right track.


Best Cities in Lithuania

Like many of these small population Eastern countries, you don’t have many options in terms of cities before things get too small. Though small may not be bad if your goals is finding a long term relationship and don’t mind sticking it out. The notch hungry gamer won’t be satisfied in a place like Lithuania. While they are Western oriented, they also stick to their conservative ways.

The capital Vilnius is the logical first stop. There are plenty of clubs and bars throughout the city, and at a 650,000 population, is doable for daygame, depending on your length of stay. Kaunas is the second biggest and also quite historical city. At just under 250,000 you’re already entering a small town vibe. Daygame is possible but best kept light.

If you’re passing through during the summer, you can check out the beach town of Klaipeda. You’ll find not only Lithuanians but also some Russians on holiday. Similar to the beach towns in the rest of the Baltics, you’ll have a mix of families, groups of friends and random tourists. Your best bet for some action will probably be with tourists, as there’s more of a fleeting atmosphere.

Lithuania, like the other Baltic countries, is a perpetual small town. While you may be awed by the beauty of these girls, caution and restraint is best applied to finding the best target, as in one that meets both your attraction threshold while also showing the most genuine interest so you can put the time and effort into dating her.

Vilnius Lithuania


Nightlife in Vilnius

Erasmus is very popular in Vilnius and you’ll find lots of foreigners out and about. There are “Erasmus Nights” during the school year with loads of foreigners and girls interested in them. You’ll find no shortage of Mediterranean men laughing loudly and spamming the place. Most are young and nice enough, so they shouldn’t be a problem. Lithuanian guys don’t really cockblock, but that’s also because they get their pick of the 8s. I hadn’t noticed any locals dating down.

Lithuanian women are no strangers to foreigners, and some have a clear preference for them, but the quality can be hit or miss. I’ve seen some attractive girls dating foreigners but the guys seemed to live there. In general, the most attractive girls stick to the highest value of their own, or have already been auctioned off to the West through brain drain expatriation.

There are some more Russian nightclubs for the small percentage of Russians you encounter in Lithuania. Unlike Latvia, I didn’t detect as much of a scamming vibe from these places, but having some language ability would help, just in case. There are also gentleman’s clubs dispersed around that look like ordinary clubs. I don’t advocate for P4P, so just be aware of what you’re getting into before agreeing to pay any entry fees or for any “packages”.

If you stick to bars and clubs in the center, you’ll be fine. A lot of clubs have an open air dance floor with service tables scattered in the backgrounds. This divides the men into the bottle service and the dance floor mold. The venues get ear piercingly loud so casual conversational approach may not work. If you find yourself in the third category, bar hopping may be better for you.


Daygame Vilnius

Daygame in Lithuania simply won’t be as eventful or fruitful as a big city in other parts of the world. Even though you may think you’re getting somewhere with a large volume of approaches and number collection, word gets out fast and everyone is within a few degrees of separation from each other. You can still try and battle through this, but eventually, like most foreigners trying to game, you’ll be labeled that guy, and the girls don’t want to be “just another one of your girls”.

Vilnius is still doable for daygame if you make wise approaches based off IOIs and don’t stick to the same places every day. Plan on the girls you meet to be slow and having to go on a few dates. Screen them properly for interest in you as a man, versus interest as a tool whether it be language practice, money, or the novelty of talking to a foreigner.

While not as busy as Riga or Tallinn, Vilnius also gets its share of tourists, so you may be able to hit it off with a nonlocal. Sometimes you’ll find Russian Women or western backpackers looking for a same day adventure.

Kaunas and the cities smaller than that become a bit too claustrophobic for daygame. If you’re going to try it in hopes of finding hotter girls in 2nd tiers, focus on quality based off a strong positive signal the girl gives you.


Online Dating in Lithuania – Meeting Lithuanian Women

Online dating is Lithuania is a bit disappointing. If your preference is for online dating, then check out  Russian Cupid to see if you can get something started with an ethnic Russian girl living in Lithuania. Otherwise follow the strategies set forth in the Daygame and Nightgame sections of this guide.


Conclusion on Lithuanian Women

Lithuanian women are arguably the most attractive girls of the Baltics and also the most conservative. Foreigners are welcomed, but for gaming purposes you’ll be put to the test. You can grab your flag easily enough from one of the many hipster bars around, but that elusive 8+ girl will require a larger time investment. With such a small town vibe all around it’s tough to make the decision to stay in Lithuania long term unless you really hit it off with a girl you like. Lithuania is thus not the best game spot but it can be nice if you’re looking for a serious girlfriend or wife.

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  1. I am glad to learn about these facts about Lithuanian women.

    I want my male readers to learn about them plus their Latvian and Estonian fellow sisters eventually.

  2. Younger generation born after 2000s are very acceptable to fast sex and are brainwashed by western “values”. Older pre 1990s generation – different… They might sleep with you, but still will consider it a relationship. So 2 dates minimum.

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