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Slavic women as an ethnic group are difficult to capture. In this article, we will cover who Slavic women are and how to go about dating them. Let’s start with how Slavic women came to the attention to the western man’s mind.

It’s 1991. Communism is over. The gates to Poosy Paradise and Slavic women are knocked down. Echoes of The Beatles are heard everywhere. It’s a free for all. All you have to do is show your passport, and you’ll be guaranteed the hottest girl ever until the next one while you leave the West behind, forever and ever. Sweden? France? Italy? No way. It’s those post-Communist Slavs that are the hottest! And they love YOU because you’re FOREIGN!

This is what a typical guy from Anytown, USA will think when you mention “Slavic Russian women”. I don’t deny that there are a higher percentage of attractive girls in Eastern Europe, but I also want to be realistic and not pedestalize them like some kinds of goddesses, because sadly, that caricature of 1991 above has brought in a flood of foreigners with unrealistic expectations. The caricature seems to have run its course, not just for the girls, but for the internet and hearing about it.

I can understand feeling like Michael Corleone and being taken aback by the Slavic Apollonia’s beauty, but if you want to consider yourself a masculine man it’s important to keep your passions in check. Never have I wanted to not be around foreigners than in Eastern Europe. I’ve never felt more thirst, duplicity and bizarre behavior than being around these guys.

The Slavic guys generally are indifferent since they have their pick of the litter. For them, slim long-haired, feminine women are normal, and after spending enough time there I start to feel the same way. It’s only when you come from the West that your senses are thrown out of whack.

Slavic Women: How They Look and Act

On average Slavic women are more educated, intellectual, submissive, and interested in meeting a real man. While they have an identifiable mentality compared to their Germanic, Latin, Asian and African sisters, at the end of the day, they’re still women. And they are women with access to internet including social media, cheap travel and tons of foreigners coming in and out, with possible sponsored vacations abroad.

This has created a unique dynamic in history where Westerners refer to these girls as gold diggers. So men will travel abroad, dangle their shiny foreigner status, either the girl will hint at some sort of transaction or the man will offer one, and then the terms are set for a transactional relationship. While shininess is a factor in attraction, overt transacting makes things quite outside the scope of game.

Sadly this dynamic post-Communism has created a sex-tourism underground economy that can make it difficult for men looking for romance to meet girls without having to act like a John. But once you understand the reality of the situation, you can easily differentiate yourself from these guys and not accept the sex tourist pussy hound box that lower quality foreigners have caused to spring up.

When meeting Slavic girls, you’ll find subtle differences depending on which region you’re in and how long and where you’ve traveled around. Here’s my high-level overview of the 3 major Slavic groups: Western, Eastern and Southern.

slavic women


Western Slavs

Czechs, Slovaks and Poles, the Western Slavs, have an actual Western-oriented mentality. Some might be insulted that you call them “Eastern Europe” and prefer to identify as Central Europe. The biggest difference between them is the Czechs are quite atheistic while the Poles and Slovaks are very Catholic. The interesting part is it doesn’t seem to matter because they’re the most promiscuous of the Slavs, though Slovaks less so.

They prefer to associate with Germans than Russians (despite being invaded by both), and you’ll see this in how many speak German as a second language. The girls are, compared to the West, very pretty, though the Westernizing diet and mentality has crept in and is preventing them from staying that way. Tattoos, weird haircuts and styles, and bizarre attitudes are increasing with these girls, Czechs more so Poles more so than Slovaks.

The biggest tragedy of Polish girls is their desire to try anything foreign. They are a classic case of “watch what they do, not what they say”. I don’t want to paint all the girls with a negative brush, as you will find genuinely good girls if you’re looking for something serious. But be warned, if you are, screen thoroughly and do not settle just because she’s relatively attractive compared to home.

Slovak girls seem the most provincial and traditional of the western Slavs. The ones with big dreams went off to Prague, Vienna, Budapest or even some western European capital. The Slovaks you meet in country are looking for something else, ideally a long term relationship.

Western Slavs are a good introduction to the Slavic Girl, but they also serve as a buffer zone, a warning of what can happen if you accept the West as your savior. Poland may be able to turn around due to its underlying Catholic influence, but the way the girls sleep around on average, it’s debatable. They’re also very interested in identifying with the West, which means more acceptance of degeneracy.

Slovakia seems to be enjoying its Velvet Divorce with its mountains, nature and stable economy near Austria. They’re Catholic like Poland but don’t have a history of allying with the West, so you’ll find a slightly different dynamic, which trends on the provincial, religious conservative side. I can’t tell if they’re the most attractive of the three due to genetics and environment, or the traditional upbringing. It may be a mix of both.


Eastern Slavs

The Eastern Slavs are what men think of in that 1991 post-Communism frenzy. Tall, slim, long hair, tight diamond-glittered cocktail dress, bright red lips, high cheekbones and heels that can kill. Funnily enough I only see that type in high-end scammer bars. They’re actually very casual compared to the caricature but they’re still pretty and much more feminine than western girls. After all, it’s the girl and not her accessories that count.

Ukraine, Belarus and Russia are where you can find the Eastern Slavic girls, and while they’re all generally similar in mentality and looks, they do have some nuances.

Ukraine is where guys will normally go as it’s the cheapest and has no visa requirements. The girls are undeniably attractive in Ukraine, but keep in mind they know their value, are looking to extract something, and are generally slow. The tragedy of Ukraine is it’s filled with foreigners and the dreaded sex tourism that accompanies it. You can definitely do well in Ukraine if you play your cards right, especially if you don’t emit a pussy hound or sex tourist vibe, and screen well.

Belarusian girls can be similar to Ukrainian girls, but with less overt extracting mind games. On average I’d say they’re genuinely good girls looking to live a simple, fulfilling life. They’re the most traditional feeling of the East Slavs, and Belarus give off an air of a place to start a family. Years of recent Turkish sex tourism has soured the vibe in certain venues in Minsk, so don’t think you’re the first to traverse those lands looking for something.

Russian girls are the most cosmopolitan of the three while retaining their Russianness and being proud of it. In Ukraine it seems every girl wants to leave. Some Polish girls dream of America or the UK, while some Belarusians pine for the beaches of Italy. Russian girls can have a mix of all this as well, but they seem most content to stay in Russia.

When some guys have talked to me of girls being “in love” with them, I always try and find out what it is the girl likes. If the real reason is because it’s the girl’s dream to leave the country, I can only think the girl cares about his passport, not him. I hear more stories of guys where the girls are interested in what the guy has to offer materially versus being interested in the guy as the guy. Some guys may think there’s no difference but there absolutely is. It’s the transaction versus validation reasons for female attraction.

If a girl sees you as a resource, a milkshake to be drank up; then you’re not very useful to her when you can’t meet her expectations. Yes, relationships take work, and a man must provide certain things, stay rich and strong and whatnot. The issue is, these women will never be loyal to you, only to what you give her, and if those are the foundations, then it will never be enough.

In a way this has been my biggest difference in speaking to Ukrainians vs Russians. Ukrainians are sizing you up for an opportunity. The romance aspect may be there, but it’s well below the threshold of “what can I get?” The Russian will also size you up, but you feel they’re doing it for a different reason. There’s more passion to the Russians, less “what can I get from you” compared to the Ukrainians.

The Russians have this sort of 19th-century Romantic era mindset going on. So-called “magical thinking” is big there and girls do things for seemingly illogical reasons. Yet when the right guy falls into a Russian girl’s lap, it’s like everything clicks instinctively. It then becomes a matter of time.

Slavic women


Southern Slavs

The Southern Slavic girls are an interesting branch of Slavic women. From the former Yugoslavia you can find a mix of liberal, conservative, Christian, Muslim, hipster, feminine, western, eastern and everything in between. The girls actually look quite similar from this region: usually tall, with thick dark hair and symmetric faces.

It’s their national identity that seems to define and guide their sensibilities. The Croatians seem the most liberal while the Serbs and Bosnians more conservative, though you can find a mix of naughty and traditional in all the societies there.

English levels are noticeably better than Eastern Europe. Sexual mores are a mix of Central and Eastern Europe. You’ll find some easy girls in the nightlife and hipster areas with the most attractive girls either being already married or looking for something serious. While these girls are undeniably Slavic, they have the most Mediterranean and laid back vibe of the Slavs. Like the Italians and Greeks they like to enjoy life, lounge about, drink wine and discuss hot topics. Social circles are most important here, and like Slovakia you’ll find lots of tight knit communities and strong religious bonds.

There’s not as much degeneracy as Central or Western Europe, nor is there as much gold-digging and duplicity as Eastern Europe. Combined with good enough weather and low prices, it sounds like heaven right? Well it may be, but you’ll be in it for the long haul, as the girls in these places are not easy and are ideally looking for a relationship or starting a family.

Slavic women


Conclusion on Slavic Women

Slavic girls, while all being able to count the same way, come in several different flavors, shapes and wirings. Western Slavs will be the easiest transition to Eastern Europe. The trend leans toward more degenerate and loose than slow and traditional, though you can find good girls there as well. The Eastern Slavs are the stereotypical media Slavs complete with high heels and makeup. They’re the craftiest of them all so don’t be taken for a fool by their beauty.

The Southern Slavs are the most relaxed and are generally also pretty traditional. It’s not inconceivable to find a religious Czech virgin in Prague and an atheistic nympho in Sarajevo. At the end of the day you’ll have to muddy your boots and see how the dice rolls for you. This map can never be the territory, and your goals depend on what you’re looking for and in what manner. Good luck.

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