Georgian girls

We are under no illusions of meeting that special unicorn. Years spend in the international dating trenches have taught us that there is no special snowflake that ticks all the boxes. However, in our travels we have developed keen eyes for identifying certain countries which are more conductive to meeting traditional, feminine women suitable for marriage. Georgian girls are among the best for those purposes.

We are all familiar with the beauty and femininity of Russian women. However, their high maintenance nature is not for all men. After spending considerable time in the Former Soviet Union, traveling to the Caucuses is a natural endeavor from a tourist standpoint.

Georgia as a country is a true gem. Unknown to many travelers, Georgia boasts beautiful nature, delicious cuisine and top-notch wine. I haven’t met a traveler yet who didn’t sing the praises of Georgia. 

In fact, I would love to spend more time in Georgia from a touristic standpoint. Within the Caucus region, the two other countries are also worth a mention. Armenia and Azerbaijan while separated by religion are also beautiful countries with traditional women. Due to their contentious relationship, travel between these countries is impossible. However, Georgia maintains good relationships with both countries and serves as a gateway to the region. 

Let’s advance out discussion on the characteristics of Georgian girls.

Georgian Girls Defined

As a Christian Orthodox nation, Georgia is a conservative and religious country. Women are conservative sexually and aspire to be loving mothers above all else. Georgia is not a destination for casual sex. However, Georgian girls possess the traits that many men seek. They are loyal, affectionate and respectful. 

In terms of their physical appearance, they are not the stunners like Russian women. Modest in attire and unassuming mannerism give the impression of an endearing shyness. They tend to have long dark hair, brown eyes, medium height, most similar to Italian and Greek women. 

I have heard from a few international travelers that Georgia is akin to Italy 20 years ago before it modernized. Georgian girls have many similarities to the women from southern Italy. They assume an important role in the family. It is quite common to see large Georgian families live in the same household. Family is the cornerstone of Georgian culture. 

While they may not overwhelm you with sex appeal, Georgian women pass the eye test for suitable, loving wives. If you form a connection with a Georgian woman, expect to meet her family quickly. Her male relatives will be polite and inviting but you must win their approval for the relationship to continue. Georgian women are protective for their female relatives but not hostile.

Keep in mind that Georgians are modest. Therefore, bragging verbalizing your accomplishments will only hurt your chances. It is best to keep a low profile while always maintaining respect for her family members. 

Georgia is truly a country where chivalry is rewarded. Men should moderate their expectations for sex. While Georgian girls will kiss on the first date, but most remain virgins until marriage. 

Where to Meet Georgian Women

Meeting Georgian girls is a challenge. Nightlife is not the pick-up scene that it is in the west. Single women are usually accompanied by male friends and relatives. Georgian girls are shy in meeting stranger during the day. 

The best strategy for meeting Georgian girls is to plan to stay awhile. Georgian women won’t consider men as potential mates who are in town for only a few days. The best way to meet single ladies is to make friends with Georgian men and to get involved in the community. 

Social circle is key in making proper introductions. Men who display that they are a suitable, eligible bachelor will make enough connections which will lead to introduction to women. Playing the long game is key. In the meantime, relax and enjoy the beautiful nature, cuisine and wine. 


Georgian girls are the best kept secret for men seeking marriage in the Former Soviet Union. Loyal and traditional, Georgian women make wonderful partners. Men who have the time to invest in a long-term stay and are marriage-minded are directed to consider Georgia. 

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