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Belarusian girls have a noticeably different mentality compared to their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts. They are the most provincial and introverted of the Eastern Slavs, which makes even more sense when you realize that prior to WWII, most Belarusians lived in the countryside.

Coming to Belarus you notice immediately how much more green and quiet the country is relative to her neighbors. Even the capital, Minsk, has a sleepy town feel to it. It’s as if a bunch of farmers were moved into apartments, were given WiFi, and asides from Instagram whoring, generally kept their simple ways. They don’t walk like Muscovites, they don’t hustle like Ukrainians; they’re simply living their day-to-day lives in the “last dictatorship of Europe”.


Belarusian Women: How They Look

Belarusian girls have an interesting look. You can see the historical mixture of the Eastern Slavs, the Lithuanian Balts and some Polish influence. After having traveled around Eastern Europe, I felt like I met some of the girls before in Poland or Lithuania.

While Russian girls tend to have more Eurasian mixture, especially from the Tatar and Stani countries, Belarusian girls tend towards the Slavic one. You’ll find more pale skin and light hair here. During the day Belarusian girls dress pretty normally, not in the stereotypical miniskirt and high heels that gets peddled around the internet.

At night you can find more of that in the fancier venues. Hipsters seem few and far between, and the girls seem to enjoy being feminine. Heels are not uncommon at night, and the 80s acid wash jeans trend has been popular.

Belarusian girls


Belarusian Women – Their Personality & What to Expect

Belarusian girls are generally shy, introverted, studious and intellectually inclined. I wouldn’t say they’re cultured in the Saint Petersburg or Muscovite sense; they seem to have this provincial perfectionist mindset.

While the Russians are dealing with the world and the Ukrainians are trying to get one up on it, the Belarusians are trying to get at the very heart of the matter and engineer a perfectly simple life. Medicine, science, mathematics, logistics, technology, production, I’ve never heard of so many girls getting into these professions as here.

Belarus has this strange economy where the girls are making good use of their left brain while working their right brain in their free time. One moment a girl is studying for a math exam, the next she’s practicing her dancing.

While this talk of education and career advancement sounds like a horror for a manosphere reader and a huge red flag for “wife material”, the truth, for better or worse, is that Belarusians are still in the Soviet mindset, which states men and women are equal. If the girl met the right man for marriage who could provide properly, I’m sure a Belarusian girl would prefer to give up her career achievements compared to their Western sisters.


Best Cities in Belarus

I recommend some Russian language skills before traveling around Belarus as the English is not the best. With the liberalizing visa policies and increasing tourism it’s getting better but you’ll probably still run into more logistical issues here than in other places. Minsk is most forgiving, and if all else fails you can just hang out at the McDonalds for the entire trip.

There’s been some push and pull recently with NGOs trying to pull Minsk into the Western sphere. Some Belarusians seem supportive of this, but it’s likely in the context of economic rather than cultural development.

Minsk is the best starting point as it’s the capital, biggest city and the easiest to get into, logistically. It’s also the only city above 1 million.

Since Belarus in general is a provincial country, it would be a good candidate for traveling to the smaller cities and towns if that’s the atmosphere you’re interested in. The country is full of greenery, forests, castles and pure nature. While being a former Soviet satellite, it has more in common with the Baltic lands in terms of abundant nature, historical castles and a laid back people.

There are 9 major cities asides from Minsk with populations varying from 500,000 – 150,000. For daygame in a small town, it would be best to do low volume “snipe” approaches if a girl gives you a signal that she’s interested. Since the cities are smaller, the communities more closely knit and the gossip louder, you don’t want to ruin your chances by burning the place to the ground.

If you travel west to Grodno and Brest, you’ll be greeted with some nice historical architecture and a slightly Polish and Lithuanian oriented vibe. Technically the Poles and Belarusians were moved after WWII and the Lithuanians moved further into their lands a few hundred years ago, but you can still feel some remnants. The modern borders are not even 100 years old.

Mogilev and Vitebsk, in contrast will give you a more Russified orientation. Belarus historically has been pushed and pulled between Poland and Russia, similarly like Lithuania.

What all these cities have in common is they’re all small, quiet towns. You’ll find nightlife dispersed throughout the centers to try your luck. The daygame will be slow, and low volume. Notches and high numbers are probably not happening in these small provinces, though probably a greater chance of meeting a traditional, long term girl.

Tourism wise, many of the cities have been destroyed in WWII, so the majority of the country’s architecture is ‘new’, thus in the Soviet style. While every city has its own vibe and energy, after going around so many post-Soviet cities, the architecture has a tendency to blend together, making you feel like you’re in the same city no matter where you go. How you approach this itinerary is up to you. Personally, I’d stick to Minsk unless you feel the need to explore and get that FOMO out of your system.

Belarusian girls


Online Dating in Belarus

Online dating in Belarus is an effective way for meeting cute, local Belarusian women. Russian Cupid is the best dating site for meeting women in Belarus.

You can start messaging local girls with this dating site a few weeks prior to your arrival in Belarus you are able to hit the ground running. Most of the women on this site are interested in meeting foreigners for a long-term relationship.


Nightlife in Minsk

Nightlife can be tricky in Minsk. Some of the high end clubs have very attractive girls, and while they are regular clubs in their own right open to anyone, there’s a heavy but unspoken of P4P element. Sometimes girls may come up to you and either ask you for a drink or give you their hourly rate. I wouldn’t write off the entire club based on this, but do know that the higher end it looks, and the more she’s dressed “to the nines”, the more likely you’re talking to pros and semi-pros lurking around. As I don’t participate in P4P culture, all I can say is buyer beware.

Sadly the sex tourist problem is big in Minsk with the Turkish population being responsible for much of this P4P. It seems to have died down over the years but they are a visa-free country to Belarus and certain establishments seem to cater to them. The other side of the coin is the visa liberalization bringing in the “party westerners” to the fold. I’ve seen corporate Stans who looked like they’re dressed from a 1985 office setting doing jaeger bombs and drunken mid-2000s style approaches in the new hipster bar district downtown.

Luckily you can find normal, down to earth girls in nightlife as well and avoid all the dum-dums. Like similar eastern European regions, I won’t say they’re all “good” girls. One night stands do happen, but on average you’re probably going to take a phone number and meet her on a different night for a date if she’s interested. I’ve heard many conflicting reports from both local and foreign guys on how “easy” Belarusian girls are but it sounds more like big ballerism than reality.

I’m sure some are, but on average wouldn’t bet on them having a big western city liberal attitude unless they’ve been abroad.

Another thing to screen for is how much she’s into a certain culture or been abroad. Despite being one of the poorest countries in Europe, somehow every Belarusian girl seems to travel to Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Dubai. Seeing the amount of Belarusian girls at the airport returning from the Dubai flight was very disappointing.

The truth is we’re in an international sexual marketplace and things like cheap flights, social media, sponsorship….

If you’re not into the club scene, there are lots of bars dispersed around. A big cluster of them is in the old town by the banks. You’ll find a mix of cocktail, hipster, alternative and traditional bars and restaurants. In the summer it’ll be full of people, both foreign and domestic.

Minsk Belarus


Daygame Minsk

Daygame is pleasant and very much doable in Minsk. Like many medium to large Soviet cities, there are technically lots of places to go, but strangely enough only so many places with just the right volume. There are two large shopping malls in Minsk where you’ll find typical set opportunities.

For the time being, Minsk hasn’t been polluted with parasitic bootcamps promising the world for a few thousand. As the visa regime liberalizes, expect more foreigners flooding in to try their luck. Nightlife has gotten considerably more foreigner dense as the 3 day then 30 day visas were implemented.

Second and third tier cities in Belarus pretty much call for targeted approaches based off positive signals given off. You may be shiny, but there are lots of suspicious locals as well.


Conclusion Belarusian Girls

The girls of Belarus are both attractive and wholesome. And for this price you are looking at slow girls who are interested in long term relationships. Westernization keeps attempting to rear its ugly head into Belarus, slowly trying to assimilate the girls into the Borg they call post-modernity. For the time being, the culture and atmosphere keep them more traditional.

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