Moscow vs St. Petersburg

When it comes to Russian girls and Eastern Europe generally, guys love to debate over which city has the hotter girls – Moscow vs St. Petersburg.

Some say they’re all the same; others say there are clear differences, while some locals will laugh then explain in autistic detail just how different every district of each city is but it doesn’t matter because you’re a foreigner and all you have to do is show your passport.

Doing comparisons can be difficult because at the heart of the matter; all cities share a similar energy that is transferrable from one country to the next. Cities all over the world attract a specific kind of mentality: those seeking careers, adventure, and anonymity. Yet certain cities seem to excel in certain things relative to others, which end up attracting certain kinds of girls. From the many cities I’ve traveled to, I can always distill the essence of the place to two overarching mindsets: business and culture.

For our purposes here we’ll be talking about Saint Petersburg and Moscow. Combined, their metro population is about 23 million, which is about 15% of the entire Russian Federation despite being clustered in a small part of Eastern Europe. In other words, it’s a very dense area.


Similarities between Moscow and St. Petersburg

Both cities attract girls from all over Russia, and also the former Soviet countries as well as parts of Eastern and Central Europe. We are talking full on megalopolises here. Both are based off the center, from which everything then sprawls out. Both have efficient transportation systems that make getting around the sprawl quite easy. Both attract lots of students and career-oriented girls. Both cities attract scammers yet in different ways. Both cities are exotic yet familiar to Westerners.

Some people freak out about “going to Russia” because the lying media claim it’s dangerous and you’ll be robbed. Pay no attention to them. These same scaremongers have been saying the same thing for 100 years, all while creating danger and crime in the West and promoting chaos outside their borders.

Keep in mind that Saint Petersburg was built with Westerners in mind and Moscow has so much money floating around that unless you’re hanging out in an Uzbekistani’s car in the boondocks 15 miles out, you’ll generally be safer than in New York or London.

You’re likely to meet girls from the surrounding regions and provinces of both Saint Petersburg and Moscow. This can give Saint Petersburg a slant towards a “Northern” local population while Moscow has a “Central” pull. It’s also possible to meet girls from Kazakhstan, Siberia and Ukraine quite easily as well and girls from one region who prefer the atmosphere in the other, say a Northerner who’s into finance, or a Southerner obsessed with poetry.

Girls in both cities are friendly, but don’t mistake that for easiness. Russian girls know their value and you’ll have to put in the time and work to get them to open up. A particular girl may really like you and the “3 date rule” may not apply, or a girl may be slutty for her local guys but see you as a possible resource (shiny foreigner), hence may make you wait. Expect dating to be more normal than one night stands, unless the girl is completely westernized with tattoos, strange hair and strange piercings.

Moscow vs St. Petersburg



Now the biggest difference between Moscow and Saint Petersburg is that of mentality. And this mentality permeates into the girl’s aesthetic. In general, Saint Petersburg attracts the more creative, alternative, hipster crowd while Moscow brings in the more businesslike, refined, upscale one. You can find classical looking practical girls in Saint Petersburg and green-haired drug-abusing ones in Moscow but in general these two cities have their distinct template aesthetic. In St. Petersburg I’d more often than not ask myself “What is she doing looking like that?” whereas Moscow I’d just focus on the girl herself.  This doesn’t mean the girls in Saint Petersburg are genetically ugly; merely the appearance decisions they make is more in line with fully Westernized cities.

Like Paris vs London or New York vs Boston, Moscow and Saint Petersburg have a rivalry. There’s more money flowing into Moscow than Saint Petersburg, yet more cultural capital going through Saint Petersburg. This may account for why girls want to look like a “work of art” in Saint Petersburg while Moscow girls don’t seem to care as much.

Muscovites don’t necessarily dress fantastically either though. The hiptsterization has spread there and you can see some pretty uninspired fashion. Luckily the city is big and competitive enough so you don’t need to pay attention to the hipsters.

While all Russian girls like to talk about philosophical, literary and artistic things, I’ve found Muscovites to be more practical and interested in talking business, career, ambition and such. As a man, it’s your job to steer the conversation in the direction you want, just be aware of the overarching mentality you’ll find relative to which city you’re in.

Now if a girl is indirectly inquiring into your resources from a standpoint of being a long-term provider and you’re looking for a long-term relationship, it’s up to you to gauge the situation. Just be careful about exuding the idea of foreign wealth. Just because you can provide, does not mean you don’t deserve to be loved for who you are. Do not get taken in by superficial beauty as the consequences can burn later.


Defining Sexy

Defining what makes a girl sexy is another hotly debated topic. I know guys who have clear preferences on Moscow vs Saint Petersburg. Some like Saint Petersburg because it’s “easier”, others like Moscow because the girls are “hotter”. Others say Saint Petersburg girls are nicer, while Muscovites are too conniving and cold. Since we’re dealing with so many experiences, variables and populations I can only nudge you in the direction you think will help your situation and tastes.

If your definition of sexy is alternative, Western looking mentality, cultured and unusual dress but not necessarily unattractive underneath, Saint Petersburg may be the place for you.

If your definition of sexy is dressed to the nines, long hair, hip sway while walking and a go-getting work hard play hard attitude, then the Moscow girl sounds more like your bet.

Moscow carries a more distinct Russianness than Saint Petersburg and you’ll feel you’re in a more exotic place, though still with 1st world style amenities. Some guys hate how the city is sprawled out, others marvel in its splendor. The girls here can be friendly but deceitful. Flaking is epidemic. In that sense it’s a lot like London or New York. There’s so much distraction and commotion it’s hard to find ground sometimes.

More guys seem to prefer Saint Petersburg as its Russia without the Russianness. Europeans and Americans alike enjoy the familiarity mixed with a touch of exoticness. The girls are easy going and friendly, and since their passion is towards arts and culture, they have a more liberal and relaxed attitude. For such a large city you don’t feel they’re stressed in the same way financial centers are.

Cautionary Tales on Scammers

Regarding scammers: in Saint Petersburg, bless their hearts, they have scamming down to a perfectly technical science. It’s not as obvious as a stripper with a hot pink umbrella and tickets telling you to come to the bar. These girls will match you on a dating app, have a perfectly normal conversation, even go with you to a venue one, and then perform the bait and switch by the time you feel buzzed and comfortable.

This bait and switch usually involves going to a bar she works with, has you sit down with her, and then proceeds to order an absurdly overpriced drink for which she gets a cut. As long as you do not agree to the terms well before it gets thrown on you, nothing will happen. Do not follow her into a venue, no matter how much she insists. There may be a small chance she’ll want to show you some cool dive bar, but you can easily verify this with Google reviews.

It’s not just from dating apps, both in my and friend’s experience, girls will give you huge IOIs on the street or in the mall, flirt with you heavily and fast forward to venue two and you realize the bait and switch with the overpriced champagne.

While Russian girls are friendly, put your ego aside and think for a minute. Why is she falling head over heels for you? Is she that desperate? Are you her perfect match? Or is she trying to get one up on you? Stay dispassionate and screen for her intent if it sounds too good to be true.

Some girls may not be official scammers but they get a kick out of racking up a huge bill. She’ll pout and whine that you don’t like her if you don’t give her what she wants. I find it so infantile that I usually end up walking out right then and there. You can try and laugh it off and game on, but be very careful around that kind of girl.

In Moscow, I’d say the girls are more businesslike and up-front in their scamming. You can feel it coming a mile away. They want to go to the obviously overpriced venue. They’re dressed in a revealing but kind of strange way, “working sexy” instead of “girly sexy” may be a way to put it. Think of bartenders trying to maximize business, but with more dress than jeans.

They want the most expensive thing right away and will shame you for not opening your bank account for her in 5 minutes. The high end clubs will even hire these girls to officially flirt with you then get you to order ridiculously priced drinks. Of all the scams, this one can be the worst as you’re in a normal venue under the influence, yet they’re working behind the scenes with the staff to scam you.

Once you can see these scams coming, they become obvious as the algorithm unfolds. As long as you keep your wits about, have your ego in check and screen properly you should be mostly able to avoid these scams. As the old saying goes, you can’t cheat an honest man. Become honest by questioning a girl’s extreme forwardness mixed with demands. Don’t just fall for her beauty.


Since sexiness can be subjective and I’ve seen first-hand how different friends clearly prefer certain cities, all you have to do is ask yourself where do you feel more at home? Moscow and Saint Petersburg have distinct personalities, and its likely one clicks more with you than the other. It may not even be the girls.

Some guys prefer certain city layouts which end up giving them a better vibe to approach girls and have more positive experiences. Other guys don’t mind sticking it out in a depressive sh**hole in search of glory. Ultimately the subjectivity of sexiness depends on what a man is looking for: how much more of rabbit vs a wolf he is in terms of sexual strategy, and where his personality and interests nudge him towards.

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