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Meeting women in Moscow can be one the most glorious experiences in the world of international dating. The capital of the Former Soviet Union boasts the world’s most people women. For western the man, paradise has never been so real. Meeting such beauties is not with its set of unique challenges. However, with the right game plan, the experience of meeting women in Moscow for the purposes of seduction can be sublime.

Russian Women are flamed for their exotic, beautiful features and mysterious personality traits. With the exception of Kiev, I have not laid eyes on so many feminine, sexy women. Generally speaking, Russian girls desire a strong man to lead the interaction and take care of them.

The women or Moscow represent the best of Russian Girls. They come from all over the Motherland to work and study in the capital. Moscow is by far, the most cosmopolitan city in Russia. The women are educated, sophisticated and cultured. They are not however easy. The days of them dreaming of an American passport are over. While many seek companionship and romance with foreigners, they are keenly aware of their value in the international dating market. They travel to Europe more and more frequently.

Foreign men can easily get their foot in the door with Russian women based on their nationality in many cases. However, dating and securing them will require men providing value. Russian women value men who are well traveled, bright, and act like gentleman. Treat Russian ladies with kindness and respect, all the while, demonstrating strong masculine leadership.

The allure of the women in Moscow is complicated by traveling to Moscow itself. Moscow conjures up feelings of a cold, Soviet, unfriendly city. There is an element of truth to this conception of Moscow. It is certainly not as warm and welcoming like Spain. Russian language and culture are an enigma to most foreigners. Many men have told me their dreams of visiting Moscow but are uncomfortable with the political situation. The complicated visa issue is another deterrent. This Russian Visa guide will help navigate the difficult process.

For those who are willing to venture behind the Iron Curtain, this guide will help effectively meet women in Moscow and hopefully, engage in a rewarding dating experience. Let’s take a closer look at how to move along in how to meet women in Moscow.


Online Dating in Moscow

Online Dating is effective way at meeting beautiful women in Moscow who seek relationships with foreigners. Russian Cupid is the premier dating site for men who are interested in meeting Russian women for marriage and long-term relationships.

The signup process is easy and free. Paid memberships are worth the money and will help connect you with Russian girls prior to your arrival. This will help you develop comfort and rapport before you get your boots on the ground.


Meeting women during the day in Moscow

Perhaps no other city offers such opportunities to meet attractive women without having to hit nightclubs. Moscow boasts the most green space in Europe. Parks such as Gorky Park, Museon Art Park, Zaryayde Park, VDNKH, and Sokolini Parks are all prime areas to meet women on warm, sunny days.

Moscow being a Nordic city will not have enough warm, sunny days to make a living in the parks. Fortunately, there are countless cafes, restaurants, and coffee shops for meeting women indoors. In addition, Moscow has several malls which will be your best friend for day gaming. Make sure to check out:

  • Metropolis Mall
  • Gum
  • Mega Mall
  • Avia park Mall
  • TSUM
  • Atirum
  • Europesisky Shopping Mall
  • Okhotny Ryad


Nightlife in Moscow

Considering Moscow’s size and population, many are disappointed with Moscow Nightlife, especially during the week. With the exception of a few select venues, weeknights are slow for partying, while weekends have a legendary scene.

Perhaps nowhere in the world can a man devoid of fame or fortunate secure a stunningly beautiful woman at a club. Moscow’s nightlife takes time to master. Dealing with potential Face Control and becoming familiar with which clubs to hit and on what night, is essential for saving time, money and energy. Read our complete guide to Moscow’s Nightlife.


Costs in Moscow

Think of Moscow as a moderately priced European capital. It is cheaper than London and more expensive than Belgrade, Serbia. Coming from New York or Chicago, you will feel like you are getting a bargain.

Taxis and metro are extremely cheap. Uber and Yandex are the kings of ride-sharing in Moscow. Food and drinks aren’t cheek but they won’t break your bank account. Other services like a gym membership and dry-cleaning are exceptionally expensive. Look to spend about 150-200 dollars per month for a well-located apartment in the center.

Read our guide to securing a great Airbnb apartment and receive a 30 Dollar discount on your first stay by following the link in this article.

Make sure to stay within the first subway ring. Overall, plan to come with a solid bankroll.

Dating in Moscow will cost money, not because of running into gold diggers, necessarily. Men are expected to pay for all dates. Cheapskates are not rewarded well by Moscow women. Therefore, it is best to plan accordingly or consider visiting Kiev, which is a more affordable destination with similar quality.


Closing Thoughts on Meeting Women in Moscow

Russian women are famed for their feminine traits and beauty. Meeting the women of Moscow is not without its challenges. Moscow is not completely comfortable to most foreigners. Culture, politics and language are all important factors one must navigate. However, men who are able to provide value to the Russian woman, are poised for a unique dating experience.

There are ample opportunities for meeting Russian women in Moscow during the day, night, and online. Following this guide is the first step in what we hope is a fruitful and rewarding experience with the women of Moscow.

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