The women of Eastern Europe and The Former Soviet Union are in a league of their own when it comes to both beauty and femininity. Although subjective, we would argue that no other women on the planet can compare when it comes to the raw talent you’ll find on the ground in the majority of these countries. We’d even go as far as to say that it’s a blessing that the Soviet Union swallowed up so many countries during its rule, and bestowed upon them such traditional values, care for self-appearance and strong love for arts, history, and country.

Now – there’s a lot of quality to be had in these countries, but like all places, they’re certainly not all made the same. In general, you’ll find the largest assortment of talent in the larger cities and normally the capitals of these countries. You’ll also find more liberal women here where you might be able to make things happen quicker than what you’d find in some smaller to mid-sized cities where the more conservative types tend to hang out.

For that reason, we’ve taken into account the top 10 cities in Eastern Europe women, including both quality and quantity based on personal, on the ground experience.


1. Almaty, Kazakhstan

In this case, Almaty is not a capital, but the most populated city in all of Kazakhstan. The city finds itself located between the Zailiyskiy Alatau mountain range with plenty of raw nature and beauty making perfect day trips once you’ve locked down a mini LTR on the ground in Almaty.

Kazakh women are generally a fine mix of both Asian and Slavic features and arguably the best-looking women of the stan countries. Within that demographic, you’ll also find a lot of pure-blooded Russians and Ukrainians who are living in Kazakhstan since birth.

The official languages of Kazakhstan are Kazakh and Russian, with Russian being used predominately in the big cities and Kazakh found in the smaller cities and villages. Although the Kazakh government is working to change the script of the Kazakh language from Cyrillic to the Latin alphabet and to somewhat defer the usage of this language, Russian is still the predominant language spoken by most Kazakhs. With that in mind, Russian skills are going to take you a long way in both Almaty, Astana and other Kazakh cities.

The local Kazakh women are certainly down to meet foreign men, as there’s still an exotic factor that exists due to low-levels of tourism from most of the Western world. Nightlife in the big cities is top-notch, with plenty of options and a large selection of attractive young Kazakh women looking to mingle with foreign men.

Although this is the case, Kazakh men are certainly the jealous type and generally will act take any chance to act aggressively to a foreign man/local woman pairing, especially when alcohol is involved. Keep this in mind, and be sure to keep your guard up while on the ground in Kazakhstan.f


2. Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan remains quite off the beaten path for even frequent travelers, and that’s what makes it an even better destination to visit. Overall, the general talent is untouched, and exotic factors here are quite high when compared to the other cities on this list. The talent levels on the ground in Baku are some of the best in all of the former Soviet countries, and Azeri women are very warm and open to meeting foreign men.

Azeri culture is seemingly a mix of Middle Eastern, Turkish and Slavic influence all wrapped into one. Soviet architecture, Turkish-style cuisine, and Middle Eastern-esque ambiance fills the city – in some ways, it almost feels that Baku is trying to set out and copy the vibes that places such as Dubai present to its visitors. Clean, orderly and for the most quite outside of the direct center, Baku is quite a pleasurable place to settle down for a bit, especially since the Azeri women are quite easy on the eye.

Azeri women are friendly, and overall have a decent command of the English language when compared to other locations in the former Soviet Union. Islam has a strong presence in Azerbaijan, and most Azeri women dress and act very conservative while in public – nonetheless, you can expect them to act way different once you have them behind closed doors.

With similar appearances and features to what you’d find in Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries, expect olive-toned skin with long, dark hair draped over their shoulders. The FSU has done a great job in terms of keeping Azeri women very concerned about their appearance, and you can expect to see them wearing high-heels, make-up, hair done, strutting along Baku’s main avenue – Fountains Square.


3. Moscow, Russia

Russian women are known for their seductive appearances, love for lavish gifts and material items, and whirlwind personalities that can leave you with one of the most passionate and interesting relationships of your life. For someone who has never left the Western world, who then sets foot in Moscow during the spring and summer months will simply be blown away by the sheer amount of talent (and mini-skirts paired with high-heels) that will be on display all throughout this former powerhouse of the Soviet Union.

The women can appear quite cold at first glance, but once you’ve broken into their warm hearts, you’re in for the ride of your life. Russian women pride themselves on their knowledge of history, arts, and literature. They are for the most part patriots and strong supporters of their leader. Russian women know that it’s a man’s job to lead, and if you don’t accept that role and act accordingly, she’s going to simply chew you up and spit you out.

Moscow makes our list simply for the sheer quantity of highly-attractive Russian women that it churns out. The majority of women come from mid to smaller sized cities for a better chance at making better money than in their places of birth. Although salaries are higher in Moscow, they’re still not great, especially for women. For this reason, a lot of women would like to make it out of the country, to travel or relocate for the longer-term and this is something you must keep in mind during the dating process.

Moscow comes with its own challenges, mostly being that English penetration levels are some of the lowest from any of the cities on this list. Coming to Moscow with a strong command of the Russian language and an understanding of Russian culture are going to put you leagues ahead of your competition. The best way to get a jump start on both of these items would be to secure a Russian girlfriend who can help you quickly make progress on both. Like anything, it’s hard in the beginning to secure this with little resources, but certainly, it will pay huge dividends for your future in Russia.

With all of this comes the tedious visa process that exists for many countries citizens in order to enter the Russian Federation. Apart from that, costs in Moscow for accommodation are among the highest of any other city on this list, and the unpredictability of Russians and acts of aggression highlighted on the news are enough to keep most men from visiting Russia.

4. Kiev, Ukraine

If you fancy the women of Moscow, you’re certainly going to like what you find in Kiev, Ukraine. Ukrainian women are very similar to their Russian counterparts, and in often cases, indistinguishable. Kiev’s main pedestrian walkway, Khreschatyk, is known as a prey zone for PUAs and sex-tourists to congregate and attempt to make their moves on local Ukranian women. There’s no question as to why they do it since this is the main spot that most women will come to dress themselves to the 9’s in short-skirts during the summer, or high-top boots and mink fur during the winter. If you’re planning on checking out Kiev, it’s definitely worth a look, but in the end, you’re going to want to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Nightlife in Kiev can be tricky, and often times has quite a P4P vibe to it when compared to other cities on this list. Many seemingly attractive women will get face-controlled from entering a lot of the cities clubs, whereas foreigners from Turkey, the US and UK will walk right in once they pay the $15 USD cover fee.

Hotel Ukraine. Kiev, Ukraine

Kiev is similar to Moscow, in the fact that many Ukrainian women make their way to the capital for a better life and a better chance at securing a long-term mate who can support them emotionally and financially. The sheer quality you’ll find in Kiev will outnumber many cities in the rest of Ukraine – but if you’re in it for the less-attractive, and easier to pick-up girls – you might just do better elsewhere in the country.

The biggest gripe that one will have in Ukraine is if you don’t have a strong understanding of its transactional society. Most, if not all, relationships (especially with a foreigner) are built around the thinking of the other party of “what can I get from this relationship”. This is especially the case with Ukrainian women, who are some of the worlds best extractors when it comes to resources, especially money. Ukrainian women know how to manipulate a man using sex and their bodies in order to get in your back pocket and pull out the resources they need. Although this is something you’ll often times find in Ukraine, mostly due to the economic situation and very low salaries, it’s not as common in Russia and more specifically Moscow.


5. Yerevan, Armenia

Another off-the-map and less talked about location, Armenia offers an abundance of attractive women similar to the qualities you’ll find in Azeri women (just remember, these two countries are technically are at war and highly-dislike one another.) Armenian women take great care of themselves, take a strong pride in their country and culture, and generally have a high-level of English ability.

Yerevan is situated almost dead center in the middle of Armenia, surrounded by raw nature and monasteries sprawled throughout the countries rigorous landscape. The city center of Yerevan presents immense opportunities for meetingArmenian Women both on the street and also during the night in the abundance of cafes, bars, and clubs.

Armenians pride themselves as being the first recognized Catholic nation, and although the women tend to lean towards the conservative side, this shouldn’t stop a man with strong game from doing well.

From most Western countries, Armenia can be a bit difficult to get to due to a lack of direct flight connections. The easiest and most productive way to see the country and capital would be to plan a longer trip to the Caucasus and make your way here via taxi rental from Georgia. Remember, it will be for the most part impossible to enter Azerbaijan from Armenia, especially if you have a stamp from the breakaway territory of Nagorno-Karabakh.


6. Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn, Estonia is easily the coziest city on this entire list, fully equipped with enough blonde-haired and long-legged Estonian women to keep you busy all winter long. The compact center offers an excellent ground for meeting friends, Estonia women going between either their classes, work or spending time with friends. English levels here among Estonian women are quite high, presenting a much lower barrier to entry in comparison to Kiev and Moscow.

Estonia’s population is made up of around 40-50% ethnic Russians, and therefore you’ll find a lot of Russian style and influence in the local Estonian women. Although this is the case, there’s a general dislike amongst the Estonian population for their Slavic neighbors.

Similar to the rest of the Eastern European countries, Estonian women are very conservative when it comes to their values, and they always put family first. They were raised to cook, clean and take care of their men, and get great pleasure from being with a strong man who can lead and that they can take good care of. Estonians are another nation who are extremely proud of their nation, and all of its recent technological advancements that it’s made since the fall of the USSR.

Tallinn is all around a beautiful city, whether in the summer or winter months with a quite favorable cost of living and all the amenities of the first world.


7. Riga, Latvia

Similar to the other Baltic countries, Latvia found itself under a harsh grip of the former Soviet Union, and similar to Estonia has a large population of ethnic Russians living within the countries’ borders. The women of Latvia and Riga have been hit hard over the past decades by sex tourism since the fall of the former Soviet Union, and are very familiar with men flying in on cheap flights from Ryan Air to try and squeeze between their legs. You’re certainly going to be put through some shit tests, so be ready as you would with your answers just as you would be when visiting a place like Chisinau or Kiev. Long-term is key here, in order to get the top talent.

There’s a lot of nightlife options when it comes to Riga, but you need to pick carefully to know which ones might take your money, which ones to avoid where there will be hoards of foreigners, and which ones you go to where you’ll find either a large subset of Russian/Latvian women. The nightlife of Riga falls somewhere in between the other cities on this list, and there are certainly some options to work with.

Like the other cities on this list, a command of Russian is going to be a huge advantage. English levels are decent though, but your options will be lowered. Prices are also quite favorable here, Riga would be a good option if you need to reside within the EU’s limits for any reason, along with Tallinn. Quick access to Estonia, Russia, and Belarus are all huge advantages for spending a longer time in Latvia, outside of the Latvian Women that will also help to keep you busy during your stay.

8. Chisinau, Moldova

Chisinau tops our list for the most non-aesthetically pleasing destination on the list, but as the saying goes – the bigger the shithole, the hotter the women. If you’ve been to Romania and like the women there, you can expect about roughly the same once you touchdown in Moldova. In fact – the languages (Romanian and Moldovan) are essentially the same language, except they call them by their respective names.

Chisinau is one of those places that can run you down after a while. It’s another place where time is the key to success and having abundance, but it really isn’t as comfortable to live in when compared to most all of the other cities on this list. One huge advantage is that Moldova offers some of the lowest cost of living in all of Europe, so if you’re coming with a bankroll, expect to be able to have a huge apartment in the direct center, and no worries in terms of your spend.

That begs the question – are the Moldovan women truly worth it? If you’re on the hunt for something exotic, certainly you’re going to want to spend at least a little bit of time on the ground in Chisinau to secure your Moldovan flag. Chisinau, similar to Riga, has a reputation for sex tourism so keep that in mind during your stay. Just another reason why a long-term visit will set you apart in the eyes of Moldovan women from those short-term visitors.

There’s not a ton of nightlife options, but a few decent places you can lock down in order to improve your chances of success. Nightlife here mostly revolves around the weekend nights, as this is mostly a hard set rule for the majority of the FSU cities on this list (surprisingly, including Moscow, a city with 14+ million inhabitants).


9. Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius and Lithuania both don’t get talked about as much as they should. Luckily, the entire country doesn’t attract as many tourists are other locations on this list, and the countries’ capital is easy to navigate on foot and is perfect for easy logistics. With quick access to both Belarus, the other Baltic countries as well as Russia, Lithuania has a lot of good factors to consider it as a long-term contender.

Lithuanian women offer a mix of both attractive blonde and brunettes, with a large number of Lithuanian girls studying directly in the Vilnius. They certainly take quite care of themselves when it comes to looks, and arguably the best dressed of the Baltic countries.

The compact center of Vilnius offers some nightlife venues which make it easy for meeting Lithuanian women interested in foreign men, with Salento being your go to to find that specific demographic. Vilnius isn’t the prettiest of the Baltics, but it has enough girls to keep one busy for a mid to long-term stint. Especially with the many Belarusians transitting through on their way into Europe or in order to apply for and/or renew their Schengen visas.


10. Minsk, Belarus

Belarusian women are very similar to their Ukranian and Russian counterparts, normally being associated with their sexy appearance, leggy-ness, and slim figures. The street talent in Minsk is slightly under what you’d see during the summer months in Kiev or Moscow in terms of outfits, but the women are still of similar quality. Minsk is home to only 2 million inhabitants, and the majority of Belarusian women make their way to the capital to study, to earn more money or to eventually make their way outside of Belarus altogether.

The Belarusian government has recently opened up a visa-free scheme for foreigners of over 80+ countries, allowing for entry for up to 10 days into Belarus via Minsk International Airport. There’s a substantial amount of foreigners flowing into Minsk now due to the lowered barrier to entry, but not much in terms of competition for the guy with his shit together.

Minsk and Belarus, in general, is a great spot for a longer term visit if you’re interested in finding wife material to settle down with. The girls are much more conservative than many of the other cities on this list, and it can be very tough to crack into the 8+ range, especially considering the lack of quality in that range when compared to cities like Kiev or Moscow. There’s still a wide offering of attractive Belarusian in the capital, but seemingly more and more are making their way abroad for greener pastures. Nonetheless, the talent of Minsk is bar none 20x better than what you’ll find in the West.

Minsk is a simple, yet refined city that offers a very laid back vibe. For having such a large population, it still feels similar to being in a village. It’s clear that Lukashenko and the Belarusian government have a tight grip on keeping the city tidy and neat, as you won’t find any trash, graffiti or homeless anywhere within the immediate center. Minsk offers connection to the other main cities of Belarus worth having a look, including Mykolaiv,

If you’re in it for the nightlife, you’re going to find the best Belarusian women located on vulica Revaliucyjnaja Thursday through Sunday evening, so definitely get here early before the show starts.



All of the above former Soviet cities have one thing in common – attractive, cultured women that are ready for the taking. As with anywhere, these destinations are no walk in the park, and overall are simply not some with tons of tourist infrastructure and women who can conversate in perfect English.

In all of these cities, you’re going to need to be on the top of your game, be looking sharp and at the same time be familiar with the culture, language, and nuisances of each country in order to get results. These are not destinations where you blaze in for three days, and have a new girl each day – those stories that you read online are for the most made-up to impress you or were strictly involving P4P.

With time on your side, and having solid game and some language/culture adaption ability, one can kill it in the above cities and meet tons of beautiful women while enjoying life, and passing the time in some of Eastern Europe and Central Asia’s’ lesser visited destinations.

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