Meeting Russian women

Russia, and by extension the post-Soviet countries, are absolutely massive. There are hundreds of cities with lots going on in different places, making a lot of opportunities for meeting Russian women across the entire country.  Making a Top 5 is difficult because there are so many factors to take into account. We have hotness, accessibility, volume, quality, fun factor, safety, diversity vs homogeny, logistics.

If I had to pick 5 for meeting Russian girls generally, I would filter for the larger base cities to get a feel of the different regions while not being overwhelmed by the “Russian-ness” or “Otherness” of it all. Outside large capital cities, the English levels get drastically lower and the overall energy has a small-town vibe with strong social ties. Once you get some experience traveling and have some language skills, the smaller cities and towns may be an option to explore.

Moscow for Meeting Russian Women

Moscow is massive. It has a 17 million+ metro population, is in the heart of European Russia and connects the rest of the Eastern Slavic and Eurasian world. It’s expensive, huge and for some, could be stressful, but if I had to pick a place to go to and meet Russian girls, Moscow is the clear #1 choice for me. English levels are decent, amenities are 1st world, the girls are generally hot and there’s always something to do.

You know you’re in Russia when you’re in Moscow, but you also don’t feel totally homesick because it does draw influence from the West but not in a tacky way. You’ll find plenty of English speaking girls here and the city has upgraded its English sign infrastructure since FIFA. A benefit of Moscow is to test the waters to see if you’re even into Russian or Slavic girls. There’s a lot of hype regarding them, but asides from beauty, some men simply have a hard time “clicking” with these kinds of girls.

Moscow is very much like London and New York with dozens of ethnicities and cultures clashing. You can meet girls from all over Eurasia, from Georgia to Kazakhstan. Diversity, volume, quality and a wide array of activities makes Moscow an easy choice.

Meeting Russian women

St. Petersburg for Meeting Russian Women

Some guys simply don’t like Moscow and want something a little more familiar. Thanks to Peter the Great, we have the most European city in Russia with reminiscences of Venice and Amsterdam. Saint Petersburg looks less Russian and more European in the center. It’s no surprise since many Italian architects were responsible for advising and creating the concept of Saint Petersburg. The population is generally western focused and places a big premium on culture and the arts.

A lot of the girls in Saint Petersburg are doing something pertaining to culture, art or some sort of creative endeavor. You’ll find technical and business girls as well but everything seems to serve the cultural image of Russia in some way. This makes for meeting some pretty strange personalities, where a lot of the girls have specific intellectual and artistic interests.

I personally don’t find the girls as attractive as their Muscovite counterparts but I do know men who clearly prefer Saint Petersburg over Moscow. There are hot girls to be found but more average and strange hipster girls. It’s like Putin ordered anyone remotely left-wing or hipster to take a train to Saint Petersburg so they can scribble in their notebooks. Part of it is the fashion sense, the other part the general appearance (tattoos, piercings and weird hair are more prevalent here), and the other part is simply mentality.

The English levels are fair, amenities are OK. Be careful about the water; do not drink from the tap, as you’ll get stomach issues. I think Saint Petersburg feels a bit more rundown than Moscow. You’ll see a lot more graffiti, punk attitude, strange or severely retro fashions, but despite the aggressive exterior, the people have a live and live attitude. Compared to Moscow, Saint Petersburg takes it easy, and really does try and emulate the vibe of Venice or Amsterdam.


The Ukraine is going through a strange transformation. The Kievan Rus’ were the founders of what we know as Russia today and the Ukrainians and Russians had close relations prior to the scourge of Communism. Kiev is one of the oldest cities founded by the Eastern Slavs.

It is extremely historic, has its own middle sized city charm and the girls are no less attractive than Moscow while also being a cheaper city in general. English is now widespread due to the westernizing influence, though I’d argue this precise westernizing influence is what’s destroying Ukrainian girls, turning them into their Czech and Polish counterparts.

You will find more scammers and green card dreamers here, and while the girls are pretty, they’re also more conniving. The femme fatale that Westerners are warned about of those “devious Russian girls” should not be taken lightly in Ukraine.

Ukrainians are ‘warmer’ than Russians and have a more of an ‘enjoy life’ attitude, because well, it might all be over tomorrow. Despite conditions, Ukrainians don’t seem dour. They have strong social cohesion and seem to be able to keep on trucking. This gives Ukrainians a strong and persistent mentality.

That said, if you find the right girl, you will be very happy. Ukraine is a great place to find a long term relationship. You’ll find slutty girls and fast sex depending on where you look, but in general the quality girls, like most of Eastern Europe require time and commitment. Many guys prefer Kiev over Russia due to its lack of visa requirements and lower cost of living making it easier to stay longer term.

Meeting Russian women

Minsk for Meeting Russians

The Belarusians, relative to the cosmopolitan Russians and the sneaky Ukrainians are more laid back and provincial. English gets significantly worse here, though the westernizing influence is creeping into Belarus as well. Girls are friendly and have a more “small town” vibe in general. The most promiscuous ones are, not surprisingly, the most Western and not the most attractive.

If your Russian ability is better and you don’t mind the sleepy boring city feel, Minsk is also recommended for trying to find a long term relationship. The visa can become an issue and there’s lots of Soviet era bureaucracy the government proudly retains, though it’s been slowly liberalizing.

Belarusians have a pretty ‘distinct’ Slavic look so staying a while you’ll start to see the same “type” of girls. Staying here a while may be an exercise in patience as everything is slower, bureaucratic and pretty much Soviet. While the girls appear broke, somehow they are always flying out on trips to the Mediterranean, Western Europe and Dubai. Sponsorship seems to be big here, so if your intent is to game, screen carefully for girls expecting more.

Prague for Meeting Russian Women

Despite being in Central Europe, lots of Russians study, work in, and live in Prague. If you don’t want to deal with visa issues, political conditions, language blocks or the like, Prague has its fair share of East Slavic girls. They’ll stand out right away relative to their Czech counterparts.

Czech girls can be confused for East Slavic girls but there’s something in the mentality, in the wiring that makes me think: “she’s Russian”. The dress may be similar, but the East Slavic girl walks and acts differently. Czech girls have a more Western attitude vibe while the Russians are unashamed of being feminine. You’ll find nice girls and scammers alike, so keep your screening skills sharp, but generally, Russians in Prague are on business or students. To get to Prague they have to do a bit more than scam their way through life.

Czechs are the land of the Bohemians, so it’s no surprise they’ll have that “strange” vibe, whether it’s hipster aesthetic or just something that makes you think you saw a Rammstein filming. Some Russians flock to this, but I’ve noticed it’s more of a Czech thing.

Russian girls in Prague may also be up for more adventure as they’re not in their hometowns, are technically foreigners themselves, and are in a dirty Disney wonderland where sex is everywhere.

Meeting Russian women

Meeting Russian Women Online

As an added bonus, we always advocate the idea of pipelining prior to any trips and being on the ground in order to bring the most success.

Our go-to for meeting Russian women whether in Russia or other countries and cities as mentioned above in Russian Cupid. Our most recommended dating app, Russian Cupid offers members both high-quality and quantity of Russian women all across the globe.

Conclusion on Meeting Russian Women

Naturally, there are many more cities that could be discussed, but I’d say once you get the hang of Eastern Europe, if you’re interested in seeing more, you can branch out gradually. The biggest issue is language. If you’re serious about traveling around, picking up Russian language skills will help, and the chances of scamming go down.

The other issue in Eastern Europe is after the capital and 2nd biggest cities, the population sizes begin to cut off dramatically. You can go from a few million to a few thousand to even less. At this point you won’t have as many options and unless you’re comfortable being in a long term relationship working on something outside game, won’t have much to do in these small towns.

The mindset is also much more traditional and provincial, so a foreigner strutting through a 75,000 city may be met with both interest and caution, depending on how you like to be.

Interested in more topics on the Motherland, read our comparison of Moscow vs St. Petersburg.

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