Dating in eastern Europe can be one of the most fruitful endeavors a man can experience. Eastern European women dazzle us with their model-like features. They are world renown for their genetic dispositions of angelic facial features, long slender bodies, and mysterious vibes. Since the fall of the former Soviet Union, men from western counties have searched eastern European lands as an alternative to the women back home. The rise of feminism over the past decade in western countries have propelled men, even more, to search for greener pastures in the eastern lands.

So what is it like dating these mysterious women? What can men do to put themselves in a position for finding the right match?

In this articles, we will provide men with a blueprint on how to meet and date eastern European women with success.

Getting your boots on the ground does not cut it anymore

Gone are the days when beautiful eastern European women had few dating options and would marry the first foreigner she came into contact with. Dating in eastern Europe has become more complex. Competition for women in eastern Europe has increased tenfold. Women have more dating options now than they ever have. There are several reasons for their increased election in men:

  • The local population of men has wised up with respect to the dating market. Men in east Europe have improved their Game, fitness, and style. Collectively, they have made themselves better potential partners for the local women.
  • Eastern European women have more access to western Europe and travel in general. Over the past decade or so, women from the east have been able to travel and work in western European without visas. Even women from traditionally isolated countries like Romania and Ukraine have left their home countries in search of a better life. These political developments have had significant social implications on the dating market. Eastern European women are exposed to the higher quality of life and the greater selection of men.
  • Travel to eastern Europe is much easier than before. Cheap flights, travel points redemptions, and open European borders have made passage to eastern Europe much easier. More and more men are traveling to these countries. This means your exotic factor diminishes each year.
  • Social media enables eastern Europe women to receive attention from and correspond with men aboard. Eastern European women have active Instagram accounts in which some receive more attention than Hollywood celebrities.


Men need to bring something to the table

Your passport alone no longer cuts it in countries like Ukraine, Romania, and Russia. Men need to provide value. They can do so in the following ways:

  • Be fashion conscious: Dress well in fitted clothing to maximize your looks.
  • Work on your fitness: physical appearance is more important than you think in Eastern Europe. Women value an attractive man. This will set you apart from the dozens of other men that are trying to seduce her.
  • Learn game: be adept with your interactions with women by learning how to date on your own terms. Women from eastern Europe are cunning with respect to dating. They will be one set ahead of you and are able to sniff out weakness. You will garner respect by knowing how to interact with women.
  • Be socially calibrated: eastern Europe women are highly cultured, intelligent and sensitive. They respect a man who is well versed in politics, history, art, music, and travel. Being a high-value man also involves having sustained relationships with friends, family and business partners. This demonstrates to women that you have strong social standing, which is very attractive to women in the east.

Always lead

Eastern European women expect a mean to lead. They are attracted to dominate men who can make decisions, excise reason, and have the courage of their convictions. Noting will garner more respect than a display of masculine strength. This does not mean arrogance and cockiness. Rather, treat women with kindness and generosity, but always be strong.

Stay for a long duration

While this may not be possible for all men, one should attempt to stay as long as possible in a given city. Nothing will signal more to a woman that you are a viable long-term partner than having a presence in her city for a long duration. Look into options for working remotely and settle your affairs at home to make this happen.

Choose the right city

Not all countries are the same in eastern Europe. Culture, language, and political situations vary. You should first get your feet wet before deciding on relocating to a place. A quick trip is good for scouting out the country, to make sure it’s an appropriate fit before jumping straight into things.

Do your homework by reading this site and other reputable sources to determine which location is right for you.


Dating in eastern Europe has many more challenges than it did ten years ago. Various factors have rendered dating in eastern Europe more complicated, but evermore fruitful once you engage in a relationship with a beautiful, feminine, and kind woman.

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