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So you have decided to embark on a great adventure of living in Eastern Europe: a land filled with beautiful, feminine women and a moderate cost of living. Over the past few years, men in western countries have sought out greener pastures in non-westernized countries such as Ukraine, Russia, and Romania. Feminist agendas remain under control in a land where men can live masculine lives of adventure, prosperity and seek out women who embody the feminine energy and bask in the roles of nurturing girlfriends and wives.

Living in Eastern Europe has many advantages over western countries. However, it is not without its pitfalls and challenges. In this article, we review important tips for living in Eastern Europe so you are able to maximize your time and develop a great lifestyle.

Choosing the right country

Not all countries are the same in Eastern Europe. The cultures are diverse, language differs from country to country. Furthermore, it is important to get acquainted with local norms and customs. It is advisable to do thorough scouting missions to the region and to spend as much time as possible in the countries that interest you.  Even within each county, there will be a few cities that you will want to get accustomed to. Expatriation is not something to take lightly. Do your homework on matters such as visas, permanent residency, and dual citizenship.

We find that although it sounds adventurous to live in smaller cities in Ukraine or Russia, most men are not able to sustain lives there due to isolation and difficulties with assimilation. We recommend giving strong consideration to capital cities as they offer a better balance between the advantages Eastern European living with western comfort.

Learn the language

Nothing will help you assimilate to living in Eastern Europe like learning the local language. English levels in smaller to mid-sized cities, in general, is quite poor and depending on the country, can also be poor in even the most-populated cities.

Russian, for example, is a very difficult language to master and involves a large investment in time and energy. However, learning Russian will pay off in dividends with respect to you dating, social and professional life.

Find an apartment

We recommend that you search on AirBnB for a centrally located apartment. You will end up paying foreigner prices for the first month, but you want your living experience during the first month to be safe and convenient. During the first month search for a similar apartment in which you can pay in local prices. Use the first month to explore the neighborhood that suits you. Obtain a real estate agent or ask a friend or girl to help you negotiate your pad for a long-term lease.


Develop a strong social circle

Of course, the main goal as men is to date local beauties while living in Eastern Europe. However, your experiences will be greatly enriched by making male friends. Male friends are very important for assimilating to the country. Some of these friendships may turn out to be lifelong friendships, so do not undervalue the importance of local male friends. They also help distinguish you as someone who is living there for the long-term, has a solid social standing, and a full life.

A few suggestions for making local male friends are:

  • Join a gym
  • Get involved in sports and join a community team (soccer, basketball, and hockey)
  • Pursue your other interests such as music, rock climbing, and business groups

Keep in mind that male friendships are initiated and sustained through shares interest. Pursue your interests and be open!

Do not enter a relationship for 6 months

Once you are living in Eastern Europe, you will have more opportunities to date highly attractive and feminine women. You won’t look back on your past life back home with respect to dating. Living in Eastern Europe will open up romantic doors that you only dreamed of prior to your move.

It is imperative that you do not enter into a long-term relationship for at least 6 months. 6 months will provide you with an opportunity to get a lay of the land. It will also help you to identify which girls are truly the gems and those that are only with you because you are a foreigner. This power of discrimination will take time to develop. The last thing you want is to settle with a woman who is of lower quality because you jumped on the first available option.

living in eastern Europe


Living in Eastern Europe can be a truly rewarding experience and smart life change. It is not without its challenges. The winters are long and dark; the local people do not always treat you with kindness and warmth. However, the culture, history and the amazing women will provide you with sustained fulfillment. Keep the following tips in mind as you embark on this new adventure of living in Eastern Europe.


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