Moldovan women are perhaps the most mysterious of all of Eastern European women. Russian and Ukrainian women seem to garner all the attention in eastern Europe. In fact, most people have never heard of Moldova. In this article, we will review several factors that will shed light on what Moldovan women are like and how to meet and date them.

Moldova is an isolated country

The main reason Moldovan women occupy a mysterious status is perhaps predicated on their homeland: Moldova is relatively unknown to the world, and is one of the most isolated countries in Europe. Moldova is a landlocked country that is bordered by Romania to the west, Ukraine to the north, east and south via Transnistria, which is a disputed territory.

Domination by Russia 

Moldova has little natural energy resources and relies on Russia to provide energy and gas. Although Moldova has developed solid relationships with European countries as of late, being apart of the Former Soviet Union, it is heavily influenced by Russian politics, culture, and language. Russian and Romanian are the two languages that native Moldovans speak. English while ow generally, are improving dramatically in the younger generation.

Economics difficulties

Moldova is one of the poorest countries in all of Europe. Its main industries are agriculture and wine production. Educated Moldovan women are often not able to live independently due to their low wages. Most live with their parents until they get married.

Where to stay in Moldova

Without question, Chisinau is the city to set up shop. Over 80 percent of the population resides in the capital. Most single women from smaller cities, migrate to the capital to attend university and seek employment. There are very few flights from western Europe. The best option is usually from Frankfurt. Moscow also offers direct flights to the capital, Chisinau.

The second-tier cities of  Tiraspol and Baiti are interesting places to visit. You will likely be the only foreigner, which is a great opportunity for an exotic factor. However, these cities lack infrastructure and are very boring. Also, it will be difficult to date more than one girl, as everyone in the city knows each other.

The looks of Moldovan women

Moldovan women tend to have the classic eastern European looks that all man fancy. If you have been to Romania, then the complexions of Moldovan women will remind you of  Romanian women. Their bodies eyes are analogies to Ukrainian and Russian women: long and slender. They tropically have long, brunette hair, although blondes and not an exception in Moldova.

Moldovan women display the typical European elegance. They dress their best and are quite aware that their physical attributes are what most men desire. They pay careful attention to their hair, make-up and have a simple but fashionable appearance.

Moldovan Girls

Personalities of Moldovan women

Moldovan women tend to value education and have a strong work ethic. Most attend university and work very diligently in their educational pursuits. They are curious about the world and dream of a more fulfilling life abroad.

Moldovan women are keenly aware of their country’s status in the world. When abroad, Moldovan women tend to say they are from Russia, as they are insecure that most people are unaware that Moldova exists.

Despite the strong influence of Russian culture, Moldovan women see themselves as more similar to Romanians. They do not consider themselves Slavic; rather they relate more to the Latin heritage. In fact, the Ancient Romans occupied Dacia, present day, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria.

Moldovan women consider themselves more akin to Europeans in general. Whereas, their Ukrainian and Russian counterparts identify with ordinal Russian culture.

Proceed with caution

Eastern European women do not have the best reputation in the world. Their reputation of preying on vulnerable, lonely men to extract resources and a “green card” are ubiquitously reported. More than any other eastern European country, men need to safeguard themselves against women who do not have genuine intentions of a relationship.

Moldovan women have suffered throughout the ages due to their country being invaded and controlled by foreign powers such as the Huns, Ottoman Empire, Turks, Bulgaria, and Russia. Although they are friendly towards foreigners, they hold a certain animosity and distrust for them in their collective consciousness. Furthermore, even bright and industrious  Moldovans have difficulty developing a high quality of life in their homeland. Moldova is an extremely difficult place to move up on the economic ladder. Many Moldovan women seek foreigners to elevate their quality of life. They dream of living in Europe and the United States. Therefore, it is imperative to spend as much time getting to know a Moldovan woman before your proceed with a long-term relationship.


Moldovan women are unknown to most men who seek relationships with eastern European women. Moldovan women have the unique combination of genetic makeup from Slavs and the ancient Roman empire. Their combination of these genes renders them with a stunning appearance.

In this article, we outlined some of the major factors related to dating Moldovan women. The main key is to spend a sufficient amount of time in Moldova to understand the country and thoroughly knowing a Moldovan woman before you enter into something serious.

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